Rektori Musaj Dhe Menaxheri Ahmeti

University dedicated to environmental projects

University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” (UMIB), the German company  HPC and GIZ organizations will jointly implement a project that has to do with the environment, namely the treatment of contaminated areas in Mitrovica. For this purpose on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding by the UMIB’s rector, Alush Musaj and company manager and representative of the German HPC Balkans, Ali Ahmeti, which are separate duties and responsibilities for each partner.

Musaj Rector, thanked the manager of HPC’s cooperation with UMIB-in, which has created an opportunity to gain new experiences in the field of addressing environmental problems. “Our professors are involved in operating the Centre of Competence in Mitrovica together with the HPC’s experts, which provides training for new trainers for environmental protection.”

Musaj stressed that this project is a good experience that will serve for the opening of a new program in the field of environment in UMIB. “The idea is to open a program in English, which will prepare experts for the treatment of sewage”. According to him, such experts need all the Balkan states.

Meanwhile, the company manager and representative of the German HPC Balkans, Ali Ahmeti, has praised the commitment of UMIB’s leaders for joint projects. “We already have a tradition of good cooperation with UMIB-in who are interested to continue, given that the University will be the promoter of development in terms of environmental protection,” he said.

Unlike UMIB-i except this project HPC company, it has long been part of a project supported by the Netherlands for the treatment of sewage. Is a unique project, not only in Kosovo, parts of which have been students and professors UMIB’s.